Factors Underlying The Various Types Of Carpet Cleaning Solution

The choice of carpet cleaning technique is crucial in maintaining the color and quality of carpets. The following tips can help you choose a more suitable cleaning solution. Choosing the right cleaning solution for your carpet is important because regularly cleaning the carpet helps you to maintain the quality and color of your carpet for a long time. To determine the right cleaning solution for your carpet, here are four tips that you use:

  • Research

It is important that you research on the methods used by a carpet cleaning company before you hire one. Knowing the various types of carpet cleaning approaches helps you choose the right one for your soiled carpet.

The best carpet cleaning in Horsham uses 5 methods namely foam cleaning, steam cleaning/hot water extraction, absorbent compound cleaning, bonnet/dry cleaning, and shampooing. Steam cleaning uses hot water which is sprayed in high pressure with a jet spray. It is the commonest among the 5 methods. Truck mounted or wet vacuum absorbs the dirty solution from a carpet and sprays the stained area. A professional carpet cleaner may spray some deodorizer to eliminate bad odor.

Bonnet cleaning: applies chemicals and heat to extract dirt and oily stains from a carpet. It consists or spinning pads that collect soil and dirt from the carpet. For better results, the process is done in stages.

Shampooing: this is the process of scrubbing carpets with liquid detergent and in circular motion. Foam is created to absorb dirt and stains from a carpet and then a vacuum is used to eliminate foam. It is very effective at eliminating bad odors from a carpet.

Absorbent compound cleaning: a cleaning powder is used to eliminate dirt as well as bad smells from a carpet. Vacuuming follows to take out the mixture of powder and the extracted dirt.

Foam cleaning: this is an integration of both bonnet cleaning and shampooing. It requires only a little volume of water. A cleaning machine spreads the foam all over the carpet fibers and later absorbs the dirt. Foam cleaning, however, is not recommended for stain removal.

  • Carpet material

You must understand the materials that make up your carpets before applying any product or machine. Using the wrong technique increases the chances of damaging your precious carpet.

  • Stain resistance

You are lucky if your carpet(s) are stain resistant because you won’t require complex solutions or methods such hot water extraction. The absorbent method or bonnet cleaning would be more appropriate.

  • Traffic

Do people and pets frequently walk on your carpets? It is best to hire haywards heath carpet cleaning services to get a comprehensive and safe clean-up. Professional cleaning is quick and your carpets will be ready for use in no time.

Hopefully, this advice will help you pick the very best carpet cleaners in Horsham and minimize possible damage to your carpets.