4 Home Design Trends to Watch for in 2018!

Your home is where your average day begins and ends, the backdrop against which you wake up and go to sleep throughout your life. The design of your living space can have a huge influence on your emotions, your sense of identity and your level of productivity. If you’re planning to reinvent yourself in 2018, the first step should always be to reinvent your environment. WonkeeDonkee XL Joinery is a UK based company specializing in the latest fittings, with their finger firmly on the pulse of up to the minute design. Take a look at their suggestions below to discover how you can bring your home bang up to date for the coming year.

  1. More minimalism

This design buzzword that has taken the world of furnishings and fittings by storm during the past year shows no signs of diminishing its impact. Simplicity, clean lines, subtle colour schemes and a distinct lack of any clutter are some of the key aspects of this trend, so opt for unfussy patterns and striking, clean-cut, elegantly sparse ornamentation within your decor to turn your living spaces into minimalist havens.

  1. Go bold

Almost in opposition to the above trend, those with a taste for the dramatic can still have their wish this year. Grand focal points such as curved or spiral staircases, intricate detail such as geometric patterning – particularly circular repetitions – and high contrast statements such as oversized or bright furnishings will really bring out the wow factor in an otherwise understated room.

  1. Brass

Another trend that began to put down roots throughout 2017 is the warming influence of brass. Picking up the gauntlet from rose gold, the richer, redder hues of brass can already be found in trimmings throughout many hot home designs. Use it in subtle, clever places such as window caming, door handles and curtain rails for just a touch of lustrous style that will resonate throughout your home.

  1. Au Natural and Artisan

Of course, simplicity and tradition are never really going to leave the picture, and with rustic authenticity growing hugely in popularity throughout 2017, it only makes sense that this trajectory will continue into the new year. Soft colours taken from nature will always be a safe choice, and unspoiled wood tones with natural finishes can help you give your home a wholesome look. Also consider harnessing natural light throughout your your home. This will not only make everything appear fresher, but will also reduce the negative environmental impact of your home.

The above are just a very few of the design trends that will be gracing households across the world throughout 2018 and beyond. Don’t worry if none of them tickle your fancy – there are so many more up and coming trends to discover, so to seek out the style that will most suit your taste in decor and fittings, don’t hesitate to browse through the WonkeeDonkee XL Joinery website or call 01938 557733 for further help and advice.