Steps in recovering an orchid

We are now teaching you how to recover and revitalize an orchid so that flowers every year and their leaves are strong and full of life.

Orchids of the phalaenopsis type are the most cultivated orchids in the world. If they are kept in a transparent container, they will grow strongly because their care is very basic.

However, sometimes, these cares are not enough for the plant to thrive. When this happens, the plant becomes wilted, grows without flowers or leaves lose color. In this post we are going to take the steps to revitalize these orchids, flourish and recover all their color.
Step by step to recover an orchid:

How to recover an orchid – Step 1

When an orchid meets a withered appearance, few leaves, no flower, etc, the first thing to do is eliminating the stem of the flower. Cut the stem from the base of the stem. If you have a tutor holding the stem, save it. So, when you grow new stems, you can guide the orchid again.

How to recover an orchid – Step 2
With the stems cut, place the plant in a very bright place in the house. It can be placed against the window, to be able to be oriented to the south. Always maintaining a distance of 20 centimeters, compared to the glass of the window. In this way, we will avoid that the magnifying effect of the glass can burn the leaves of the plant.

How to recover an orchid – Step 3
Spray the leaves of the orchid with water to increase the humidity. If the area where you live is a very dry area, for example: California, sprays should be daily.

How to recover an orchid – Step 4
If we want to accelerate this recovery process, spray the orchid with a foliar-specific orchid invigorating. These invigorating products, in addition to reactivating the health of the plant, will cause the generation of a new flowering stem. The invigorating foliar will also help the roots to grow and the leaves to be larger and a more intense green color.

How to recover an orchid – Step 5
In addition to the invigorating, a drop-specific fertilizer for orchids can be added to the substrate. In this way, you will be able to invigorate your orchids and recover those that are somewhat withered.

Roots Tip:

If the tip of the orchid root has an intense green color it is a sign that the plant is healthy and full of life.

We hope this article can guide you better to recover your lovely orchid. You can get other related tips from lawn maintenance Falmouth. Good luck!