5 Tips to Choose the Right Lights for Your Swimming Pool

Is your swimming pool lighting looking less than hospitable lately? Whether you desire a spa-like retreat or a full-time party zone, when deciding the best way to light up your pool, there are five main questions you’ll want to consider before moving forward.

  1. What Type of Lightbulbs Does Your Pool Use?
  2. What Type of Light Housings Do You Currently Have?
  3. Do You Need to Add Additional Lighting?
  4. Would Flex Lighting Be Useful?
  5. What Colors Will Work for the Desired Effect?

1. What Type of Lightbulbs Does Your Pool Use?

There are three types of bulbs used for pool lighting.  All work well.  Part of your decision will be based on how old your pool is and how much you have in your budget to spend on upgrades. The three types are:

  • Halogen
  • Incandescent
  • LED

Halogen Lights

Once upon a time, halogens were the new and improved pool light options.  Several decades later, unless your pool is ancient, you probably have halogens. Halogen lights burn at a relatively high temperature, making routine replacements of both the O-rings and bulbs needed every year.

Incandescent Lights

These are the original type of lights used for pools.  If you actually still have these, you’ll probably want to consider an update.  They are nowhere near efficient when compared to modern options and not as safe, either. In fact, in some countries, they aren’t even available for that reason.

LED Lights

Most of us are familiar with this modern option for lighting.  From fake candles to Christmas lights, LEDs are everywhere. If you don’t already have LED pool lights and can afford to upgrade, this would be the best option for long-term maintenance and energy efficiency.

  1. What Type of Light Housings Do You Currently Have?

There are two types of light housings available for pool lights.  Surface Mounted and Flush Mounted.

Surface mounted lights are mounted on brackets and sit on top of the pool wall.  Depending on the style of the light, surface lights typically send out a wider ray of light.

Flush mounted lights are set into the wall of the pool, making them flush with the side. Their placement makes the amount of area lit up a little narrower than surface mounts.

If you are hoping to upgrade to LED from halogen there are typically two routes you can go.  It may be possible simply to switch out your halogens for LED bulbs.  If that isn’t an option, you can usually take advantage of the existing wiring to switch out your current surface or flush mounted housings with surface LED housings.

3.      Do You Need to Add Additional Lighting?

Its recommended that a typical pool has 0.5 watts/SF. For a standard rectangular outdoor pool, this recommendation will probably be sufficient. However, if you have a custom designed pool with several curves or an indoor pool, it may need some extra assistance to be safely lit.

If you are faced with either or both of these scenarios, you will probably want to consider adding extra lighting. If you decide to go this route, hiring a professional to run the additional wiring would be prudent.

  1. Would Flex Lighting Be Useful?

Depending on the situation, sometimes temporary lighting can be a fun extra to set the mood and increase safety at the same time.

If you are planning a pool party that is going to be still hopping after dark, consider floating LED lights.  Additional lighting will make it easier to see your guests and add to the festivities at the same time.

5. What Colors Will Work for the Desired Effect?

Thanks to LED technology, the sky is the limit when planning the type of ambiance, you want your pool area to have.  If you are looking for a nice clean look that lets you see where you are swimming all night, plain white lights the way in the pool and gives a nice effect to the water if you’re enjoying it from the side with a glass of wine.

If you want a more dynamic atmosphere, LEDs come in every color imaginable.  Choose one shade for a monochromatic look or select several for a more cheerful vibe. Are you looking for an even more energetic mood?  Select a system that will change colors and even provide a show with blinking and strobe effects.

Now You’re Ready to Move Forward

Thanks to modern tech and programming, your pool lighting can be anything from a relaxing spa space to an underwater disco floor, all with the touch of a button.  Just keep in mind how you want to use that space, how much maintenance you want to do, and how energy efficient you want your system to be.

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