Display Freezers: Types and Features

Display Freezers: Types and Features

Do you need a new freezer for your business? The best commercial freezers hold a large amount of stock, offer easy access and are low maintenance. You could be storing thousands of pounds worth of stock, so look for features that guarantee security and reliability. If you want to maximise your frozen food sales, you need a freezer display unit.

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Display Chest Freezers

On a hot day what could be better than a cold ice cream? A display chest freezer is ideal for single-serve or other frozen desserts. These types of units can be self-serve and are ideal for turning a profit on frozen foods. You’ll find them in convenience stores and leisure centres.

Single- and Double-Door Upright Freezers

This type of display unit is commonly found in commercial kitchens and convenience stores. The available items are clearly on display, making accessing a product or ingredient simple.

If space is limited, then a single-door display freezer unit like those available from https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/glass-door-refrigeration/single-glass-door-freezers is useful. They’re the smart choice when it comes to combining good storage capacity with a compact footprint.

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The Features You Need

When you’re shopping for commercial freezers, you’ll need to look out for several features to make sure you get the best value for money.
– Size: always make sure the unit you purchase actually fits the space available. Always measure first.
– Capacity: think about the capacity you need for your busiest service and look for a display unit that meets your needs. Too small a unit means food will go to waste – too large and you’ll drive up your running costs. Look for the net capacity of a unit, which indicates the total usable space.
– Climate class: the climate class rating of your freezer display refers to the highest ambient temperature where it will still operate efficiently. For example, if your kitchen routinely reaches temperatures of 32 degrees or is particularly humid, you may need a climate class 5 (heavy duty) unit.
– Defrost: all freezers accumulate ice over time. Look for automatic defrost that will save on manual de-icing.

– Doors: do they lock to secure the contents? Do they have energy-efficient and hygiene features like self-closing or pedal opening mechanisms? A stable door is useful, as you only need open one door at a time, thus saving energy.