How to Choose the Right Size Canvas Wall Art for Your Room

Now that you’ve received your wonderful new print from Canvas HQ, you’re probably thinking about where to hang it up in your home. Perhaps you’re just now contemplating a visit to Canvas HQ to get your image printed on our high-quality canvas but you aren’t sure what size to get yet. Either way, there are a few things you want to keep in mind as you select the right size canvas wall art for any of the rooms in your home. Follow some of these helpful hints and you’ll be enjoying your artwork for years to come.

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Shape of the Wall

Not every canvas is the same size and shape. Neither is every wall. So when you’re deciding on that canvas for your art project or that wall on which to hang your new canvas, consider the shape and the size of your wall in relation to the size and shape of the canvas. Simply put, portrait pieces are best-suited for walls that are vertical and narrower while landscape canvases would look best on walls that are horizontal and wide. Be sure to measure the wall for the canvas you plan to hang and try to cover two-thirds to three-quarters of the available wall area so as to minimize the amount of blank space around the canvas.

Furniture and Fixtures

As you consider the size and shape of your wall, give a thought to all of the other items in the room where you are thinking of hanging that canvas. Are you thinking of placing your artwork above a mantle or a couch, maybe a long table is situated below your chosen spot. All of these things should be part of the decision-making process because nothing is going to overpower your canvas quicker than placing it too close to another item in the room that is much larger and more eye-catching than your artwork. Therefore, when you are hanging a canvas over a mantle or some large furniture, the art piece should be no less than three-quarters the width of your couch or table and it should be no less than 6″ above it and no more than 12″.

Size of the Room

The room you’ve chosen may be too big or perhaps too small for the canvas you plan on hanging. That can usually be determined based upon the room itself and how much furniture and fixtures are located within. A room that is too big with too much furniture can feel just as cramped as a small room decorates sparsely. In either case, your canvas can be overwhelmed by all of the other items that are gathered around it. Any room you wish to hang your canvas in should have ample space in which your art can be the centerpiece of that room. High ceilings and architectural flourishes can also distract the eye from your canvas, so plan carefully before deciding where your art is going to reside.