Tips for Cleaning Your Gutter

At minimum, gutters should be cleaned once or twice a year. Gutters which are under overhanging branches should be cleaned even more often. They should also be cleaned after storms, when a large amount of leaves can be swept into the gutters, potentially clogging them.

Cleaning your gutters can feel like a big job, one that it is tempting to delay for as long as possible, or avoid doing altogether. This will only add to the problem; however, risking damage being caused to your property.

There are a number of ways in which cleaning your gutters can be made easier:

Keep yourself clean by wearing a top with long sleeves to protect your arms. Wearing a pair of strong rubber gloves, or thick work gloves, will protect your hands from getting dirty, wet or scratched, and will also help to keep them warm.
It is also important to protect your eyes, because when cleaning a gutter debris can be accidently flicked into them, and it is also possible that you might disturb an animal, or a wasp nest, for example.
Using a plastic scoop or a small trowel to collect the leaves from the gutter will be faster and more practical than using your hands. They can be purchased for only a small price and will make the task much more efficient.
When undertaking any sort of work off the ground, having a good ladder is vital. A long one is ideal, although an extendable one is also suitable because will allow you to adjust it to the exact height you need, so you can reach the gutter as comfortably as possible.
A bucket can be used to collect the debris from the gutter. Some might be spilled, however, and it is therefore a good idea to place a tarp on the ground next to where you are working to catch these. This will ensure that the mess it kept off your lawn and it will also be much easier to clear up later.
Once you have finished cleaning the gutters, use a hose to flush them out. A scrub brush can be used to loosen any stubborn patches of dirt. These will clear out any small, leftover debris as well as rinse away any dirt. While you do this, keep a look out for any leaks, so you are able to fix them.

Clear gutters are a vital part of maintaining your home. If water is not able to drain through them, they will overflow and cause damage to your house. It does not have to be a difficult job, and using the above tips will help to make it as simple as possible.

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