Home security devices you need to get your hands on

Recent advances in consumer technology have resulted in wonderfully creative ways of securing your home against potential intruders and other dangers. These days, in your home, you can place a broad variety of security devices, many of which you could even control from your smartphone.

Another plus point is that these devices can be surprisingly affordable considering the sophisticated features they include. Here are some good examples of such devices that can protect your home.

Nest Cam IQ

Though Nest also offers a regular indoor camera, the Cam IQ goes further in not only capturing 30-frames-per-second video in 1080p resolution but also recognising faces. Should it detect an unfamiliar face, it will alert the user and ask whether they know this person, says Expert Reviews.

Intelligent software built into the Cam IQ even enables its video stream to zoom in on an individual and follow them, reports Independent. At £299, this product is pricey, but it’s certainly impressive.

Motorola Focus 72

While the Nest Cam IQ can effectively monitor what is happening inside your house, a good solution for tracking immediate surroundings outside would be the Motorola Focus 72 camera.

You can attach this weatherproof camera to an outside wall, says Country Living – and, as the device connects to Wi-Fi Internet and the cloud, you can access it through any compatible computer, smartphone or tablet. It costs £99.99 and delivers impressively deep functionality for that price.

Nest Protect

It would cost you £99 to purchase this in either a wired or battery-powered version; however, for that money, you would get an impressively feature-packed smoke and carbon monoxide alarm.

Capable of distinguishing between smoke and steam, the Nest Protect can also – when the alarm is triggered – send an alert to your phone. The Protect is especially worthwhile if you already have the Nest Thermostat – as the latter can switch off the heating if the former picks up on an emergency.

Auraglow Security Light

If you fear the possibility of people attempting to intrude your home during the dark hours, a motion-detecting light attached to one of your outside walls can seem like a good bet.

This particular security light can sense movement in a 10-foot radius and, when it does, will shine a very bright light. Especially beneficial for your finances is that this weather-resistant £14.99 light runs on solar power, charging its battery during daylight before kicking into gear only in darkness.

AVENTEK Fake TV Simulator

Naturally, you can deter burglars from approaching your home if it looks like someone is in there. However, whenever you will be leaving the house empty, you can still produce the illusion that someone is present – by setting up this fake TV simulator…

A genuine 42-inch HD television emits subtly changing lights, colours and scenes – and this £14.99 gadget can cleverly mimic all of them. Burglars could also be deterred by a home with a physically resilient look, which can be developed with assistance from roofers in Washington and elsewhere.

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