All about power systems

Transformer over orange sky

Power systems also called as power engineering, deals with the distribution, transmission, utilization and generation of electric power. By using the form of energy like diesel and coal, it converts it into electrical energy. Connected to the system, the power system includes the devices like the circuit breaker, synchronous generator, conductor, transformer, motor etc. The transmission line, the distribution line, distribution transformer, substations, transformer and the power plant are the six main components of the power system. Because of its complex enterprise, the power system is subdivided into subsystems like transmission substation, sub transmission substation, distribution substation and generating substation.The basic two types of portable power systems are

  • Batteries or battery that is kept to be charged with a battery charger, where power can be restored in a short period of time. It is very helpful while travelling. These systems can be recharged even by using the lighter receptacle or power outlet in your vehicle and also can be recharged with a battery charger at work or at home.
  • Secondly, it’s a battery or batteries kept charged with a solar panel and possibly a battery charger if needed\desired. The main advantage of this kind of system is you can keep the battery charged for long period of time with the solar panel, if the power is not restored quickly.

A portable power system is capable of simultaneously powering several electrical devices to carry out many tasks and is also ideal for multitude of applications.

At home:

During power outages, it can power lights, garage doors, printers, television, mobile\cordless phones, alarm systems, CD players, computers, fans etc.

At office:

A portable power system can power printers, photocopiers, computers, mobile\cordless phones etc.

Outdoor events:

At events such as concerts, graduations, fairs, reunions etc., it can power lights, amplifiers, LED signage etc.


Can be used to power mobile kiosks for baggage checking, ticket printing, passenger screening etc.

Manufacturing plant:

In addition to devices such as label printers and barcode scanners for quality control, order picking, shipping it will also power computers for remote data entry

In education:

In classrooms, amphitheaters, auditoriums etc. audio visual equipment can be powered by portable power pack.

Apart from these, portable power systems are also used at retail outlets where portable power system can power other devices besides computers to facilitate labeling and inventory management, electronic cash registers, LED signage, for garden centers etc.and also for personal recreation purposes like CD players, beach parties, camping, electric grills etc.

Portable power supplies have proven its effectiveness in several applications. Compact, powerful and quiet, portable power packages are opening up new frontiers of productivity, profitability and convenience. Offering reliable alternating current power for outdoors and indoors use, they have many advantages over generators, extension cords, and weaker battery packs. Their many uses include powering printers, computers and other devices which in turn significantly reduces paper work and foot travel.

Bottom Line

Consider all the above-discussed points while choosing a solar battery. Also, choose correct size battery for your requirements. Consider batteries price, capacity, voltage, cycle life before choosing the best one for you.