Can a Lean to conservatory save your space problems?

Can a Lean to conservatory save your space problems?

Because of its super-compact design, a lean to conservatory (Mediterranean conservatory) is one of the best ways to add space to your home.

It’s true that there are other conservatories but none beats these.

They are truly sleek and importantly, are by far the most cost effective.

Plus,mediterranean conservatories perfectly fit multiple home designs– from bungalows, detached houses, single storey buildings, and more.

The Design of a Lean-To Conservatory

The conservatory is typically rectangular in shape and is certainly attached to the wall of your property.

Its sides are usually flat and can either be  part glazed-part solid  or be 100% glass(floor to ceiling) with the most common type being the “dwarf-wall” where the lower sections of the sides are made of brick or block-work.

These stylish conservatories have anAluminium, timber, or uPVC frame, a single-angled sloping roof, and are offered in a variety of attractive styles.

Why a Lean-To Conservatory

Apart from being sleek and contemporary, this hugely popular conservatory offers much more:

  • Easy on Your Pocket

The design is fairly simple and straightforward to construct so they’re really quite affordable compared with other type of conservatories.

  • They maximize on the available floor space

Now, their regular rectangular shape means they don’t waste an inch of your space so in the end you are able to use each and every corner of the available room.

  • Brightens Your Spaces

By and large, Lean-to conservatories utilise lots of glass, so plenty of natural lighting filters through making your room brightening your days with loads of welcome summer warmth.

On the same note, they’re considered to be the most airy conservatory types.

  • Customizable

It doesn’t matter the current design of your home. Lean-to conservatories can always be customized to add a taste of the contemporary and beauty to your home.

Indeed, most of the leading companies specializing in these types of conservatories will allow you to choose your favorite color and style when selecting a lean-to conservatory.

  • Added extra Value to the home

In some places, conservatories are so popular such that a home can fetch much more just because of having one.

The only key requirement is to ensure that your lean to conservatory is built by an accredited company so as to ensure quality and assurance standards.

Do I need a Conservatory Planning Permission?

Conservatories are considered to be permitted developmentsand do not need planning permission.

However, your conservatory has to meet some limits and conditions including;

  • Conservatories fronting closer to ahighway (public) than the building will require planning permission.
  • You cannot cover more than half of the land around your “original house” with extensions or other buildings.
  • Restrictive covenants apply. For example, rear, exterior, and side extensions are generally not permitted on designated land.
  • For a single-storey rear extension, the maximum height is four metres.
  • Listed buildings, those located in conservation Areas or areas classified as outstanding natural beauty (ONB) will need permission.
  • You cannot extend on verandas, raised platforms or balconies.


A lean to conservatory is a smart and stylish way of adding extra space to your home.

They’re straightforward, affordable, and full of value.

Also, you rarely need a planning permission to build them so everything is easy and smooth sailing.

So, why not take advantage of these ingenious innovations?