How to choose a security lock?

Hand opening a large safe

The lock is the centerpiece of your protection against theft and burglary. Even though there are sophisticated ways to secure your home today, whatever your protection, your Lock Cylinder is often the weakest link.

Security locks

Today, there are safety standards that govern the development and certification of a security lock. The A2p standard “Insurance prevention protection” created in 1984 at the initiative of insurers. This standard is issued by the “National Center for Prevention and Protection”. There are three levels of certification, each of these levels determines the time of resistance of the lock to burglary The locks are marked with a number of stars corresponding to their level of resistance: A2P1: 5 minutes *, A2P2: 10 minutes * *, A2P3: 15 minutes * * *. Insurers now require three-point closures (top, bottom and center). To choose a good security lock you need a lock 3 points A2p. Many brands manufacture and distribute these locks, so you have to know where you put your feet! First of all, two types of security locks: built-in locks delivered on new doors (provide for housing construction), surface locks, the solution most often used for security locks. an entrance door.

A notion of prices

You will find in DIY stores, specialty stores and the craftsman of your neighborhood number of different locks, each with its specificities and of course the price that goes with it! Do not be seduced by catchy slogans, stay on A2p material adapted to your needs. You will find advice from your insurer who will send you to a serious professional that you can trust to guide you to quality equipment and especially meet your needs and standards. Prices are based on the type of locks and especially the level of security. For the simple addition of an extra lock on your door, count from 40 € to 200 €. For the supply and installation of a multi-point lock, count 300 € 1500 €. For the supply and installation of a reinforced door with three-point security lock, count from 450 € to 1500 €. For the supply and installation of an armored door, count from 1500 € to 4500 €. When it comes to safety, get professional advice and remember that no matter how good your lock is, it is useless if your door is not.