How to Choose the Right Glass Subway Tile Color

How to Choose the Right Glass Subway Tile Color

Glass subway tiles can transform any wall or surface into a masterpiece. Whether it’s your bathroom or kitchen that needs an upgrade, this type of tile can give it an eye-catching design especially if you use the right color. By choosing the right glass subway tile color for your project or renovation, you can have a breath-taking cooking or bath area.

There are several colors that you can choose from when shopping for glass subway tiles. Different shades of white, blue, brown, red, and many other colors are available; however, choosing the color of your floor tiles or backsplashes is not all about selecting your favorite shade.

People often choose the color that first catches their eyes or the designs that reflect their personality. However, these are not the only variables to consider when you shop for your tiles. Your grout’s color, your design theme, the color of your appliances, and many other things must also be considered.

Now, this doesn’t mean that choosing from the different shades of red, blue, brown, or grey is a difficult task. It all boils down to remembering the factors that you must consider before choosing a color that would not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also functional.

Here’s what to keep in mind:

  1. Match your tile to your grout color

This is the first thing that you must consider. The color of your grout must match your glass subway tile colors. This doesn’t mean that if your tile is blue and then your grout should also be blue. Don’t choose the exact shade match for your tiles. Instead, if your grout has a light color, then go for a darker shade, or if your grout is dark, then choose a lighter-colored tile.

  1. Balance your chosen colors

Whether you enjoy a monochromatic room or an all-white space, you must always balance colors. Choose shades that blend well with the other items found in the same space. This allows texture and tone to stand out well and makes your kitchen or bathroom pleasing to the eye.

  1. Creating contrast

A contrasting tile and grout brings attention to your overall design pattern and layout. It is important to blend your colors well, but if you wish to have a striking room, then go for light and dark color combinations.

Use a tile color that matches some of your appliances, furniture, or tools, and then choose a contrasting grout color. By doing so, you create a straightforward, yet complex design. For example, utilizing a gray-colored grout for a white glass subway tile emphasizes the patterns and surface textures of your tile. It adds a classic twist to a modern style.

  1. Test tile colors

Before you go shop for your tiles, test your chosen tile and grout colors first. To do this, you must first consider your theme and design. Remember to include the colors of your furniture and appliances in your plan. You can either draw a design or imagine it all in your mind.

Once you’re done designing your layout and choosing the colors, get samples of your tile and grout color to check if they match up. You can always ask for these from your local hardware store or even online. This is a really great way of making sure that the colors blend well together and that they aren’t creating too much of a contrast.

Incorporating the right glass subway tile color for your overall layout is essential to bring out the beauty and attractiveness of the said type of tiles. Such backsplash or tile is sleek, flexible, and compatible with most design themes especially if the tile color that you’ve chosen matches perfectly with everything around it.