Let UrbanClap bring you the best LG Washing Machine Service in Mumbai

We are a joint family residing near Andheri in Mumbai. It was rainy season and there were lots and lots of clothes piled up in the laundry basket to be washed. I was wondering how to get those clothes washed as my LG washing machine was creating problems. It wasn’t working properly and I was planning to get the best LG washing machine service in Mumbai. As it could have taken numerous days to get them washed by hands, getting the washing machine repaired was actually a wise decision.

UrbanClap acted as the saviour to me

When I thought of getting my washing machine repaired, I checked for the warranty card. It was disheartening to find that the warranty expired just few months back and I actually needed to hire someone who can get my washing machine repaired and that too in a budgeted price. I started searching for the best professional for LG washing machine service in Mumbai. I never thought that searching a professional could be that tough. I started the hunt of the professionals on various online ad portals. I even tried going to different repairing shops to find any good place to get my washing machine repaired but I failed to find any.

I was already pissed off due to such exhausting process of finding the best place for LG washing machine service in Mumbai. I turned on my television and started flipping through various channels. Suddenly I stopped at one channel which was streaming an advertisement of an app named UrbanClap. I found the app to be really interesting and helpful. I picked up my phone and searched for the app in Google Play store. I found the app on the top and that too with very good ratings. I didn’t waste any time giving it a second thought and clicked on the download button to get the app downloaded and installed on my android device.

Soon the app was installed on my phone and I opened the app to search for the best professional to get my washing machine repaired. As soon as I opened the app, it required me to fill few of the personal details which were needed to get me registered on the app. I took few more minutes to fill those details and then I clicked on the sign up tab to get registered as an active service seeker on the app. Then I started searching the best LG washing service in Mumbai on the app. In no time I had a full list of professionals flashing on my phone’s screen. Now, it was a challenge for me to get the best professional onboard to get my washing machine repaired.

How I got the best from UrbanClap?

I started to short list the professionals on the basis of the ratings they received from their previous clients. It was not tough checking the ratings of the listed professionals, all thanks to the user friendly interface and smooth navigation of the app. After some time I had few of the short listed professionals whom I further filtered on the basis of the reviews they received. I checked the reviews very carefully in order to avoid any kind of unwanted circumstances.

After short listing further I had three best professionals in town. I mailed them to ask for their price quotes. Soon I started receiving mails from the professionals with their price quotes. I called each one of them and discussed the problems I was facing with my washing machine. They heard them carefully and described me the actual price it would be costing. After having a conversation with them I pointed one professional who talked very politely and discussed almost every technical problem my machine could have. I was actually impressed and so I asked him to come over and get my washing machine repaired.

Why I chose UrbanClap?

I chose UrbanClap as it was the best platform I came through where one can meet all sorts of service providers. The professional whom I hired indeed was the best for LG washing machine service in Mumbai. He came over and diagnosed the issue with the machine very carefully and repaired it with all the precision.

I have been using my machine for 5 months since it got repaired and it is still working well. Mr. Amit Lal from the Electronic repairs is actually the best professional I could have got. I am very thankful to him as he repaired my washing machine in the best possible way. I am also thankful to the whole UrbanClap team for letting me meet the best professional in the town. Mr. Amit Lal is highly recommended by me to anyone who is seeking someone to repair their washing machines.