Oak Floors The Game-Changer To An Enchanting Home

Who can ever argue that the look provided by oak flooring does not portray the enhancing look of sophistication and class to any home? We don’t think anyone would argue our point! This does also not only apply to farmhouses or the old world charm mansions. It can be just as enchanting when used in modern, minimalist flats and even semis in any suburban area.

Nowadays homeowners can choose engineered hardwood or laminated oak flooring, which imitate the look of solid oak flooring. This usually comes down to compromising between price and quality. Although it can be argued that genuine solid oak floors can be quite expensive, it is not always true. Nowadays oak flooring can be found in different price ranges and it is becoming more affordable.

The modern types of flooring like laminate and vinyl flooring are manufactured to imitate solid woods, which also include oak flooring. It looks like the real McCoy but indeed is not genuine solid oak! However, red or white Oak is usually used when it comes to installing hardwood flooring in your home or office. Oak flooring poses to be the number one when it comes to hardwood flooring in North American homes.

Oak Flooring’s features and why so many people prefer it:

  1. The Look

It provides a unique and sophisticated look in any home or office. When it comes to colour, oak offers a variety of wonderful tones. Whether you are looking for the pale grays and whites or the beautiful red brown, it will immediately enhance your home’s appearance and will harmoniously tone in with the rest of your interior decoration theme.

  1. Versatility

It offers great versatility and whether you choose white or red oak it features a multidimensional and elusive charm which will enhance any room’s décor, without distracting attention from art or embellishments. You will feel a fabulous view around yourself which is a best source for peace of mind.

  1. Durability

Oak is hardwood flooring and its Janka hardness rating for both the red and white species can differ between 1,290 lbs – 1,360 lbs. When its hardness is combined with its high density it poses to be a flooring material which is durable to much wear and tear. Your oak flooring can last for many years, especially when treated with varnish or stain of a high quality.

  1. Buckling Resistance

When wood flooring shrink or expand caused by the fluctuation in humidity or temperature, it can cause warping, bending or buckling. However, white and red oak flooring offers a shrinkage and expansion rate which is quite even. It is advisable to try and keep your home’s humidity and temperature stable.

  1. Maintenance

Oak flooring is easy to maintain. After the application of a quality stain or sealant, protect your floors against the UV-radiation of the sun and water. Mop and sweep on a regular basis as dirt, dust and sand can harm the sealant, thus exposing the flooring to harsh elements. In the event of a spillage of liquids, clean it up immediately.