Rattan Dining Furniture – Don’t Just Look at the Eye Catching Table

Wood Patio Dining Sets

Wood is great looking, and very durable. It is no surprise that a lot of outdoor furniture made of  wood, considering it is charm and practicality as a construction material. If wood conjures mental pictures of your dad’s old pine do-it-yourself picnic table, or your mom’s rattan patio tables, and how quickly they fell apart when exposed to the elements, think again. There are many excellent, beautiful hardwoods that can make an excellent building material.

Forget pine, oak or natural wicker, for outdoor furniture, they won’t stand up to the weather and the sun. Teak, eucalyptus or cedar will. Teak is the jewel in the crown of outdoor furniture woods. It is extremely durable. So durable, in fact, that it was the shipbuilding material of choice in the days of the clipper ships. Teak patio tables can outlive their owners-teak lasts up to one hundred years. It weathers from a warm orangey medium brown to a rich silvery gray.

Choosing Rattan dining sets furniture

Choosing rattan dining furniture usually comes down to finding a style and size of table which is compatible with your budget, and since the table is the largest object in the dining room, it is usually the style of the table which determines the choice. But the table is not the most important part of a dining set. Most are made to a standard height, so there is actually very little to choose between them. Some materials are far easier to clean than others, some are round rather than square or oblong. The most versatile tables expand in size, but at a fundamental level every table is the same, it is a flat surface at a convenient height.

The same thing cannot be said about chairs. Seat height, width and depth varies a great deal, backs and seats can be soft or hard and every degree in between. There is nothing worse than sitting down to eat with friends you have not seen for a long time and finding the chair so uncomfortable you want to leave. Chairs are often the last thing to be chosen, but look carefully at width and at padding. Bottoms are getting bigger and comfort is crucial.

The best advice for anyone intending to buy a new dining set of any type is to choose the most versatile. A young couple starting out may not need, or have space for, a large table, but it is always good to be able to entertain, so rather than a tiny table for two, choose a table large enough for four and where space is a big problem, choose a round table. A square table pushed in a corner looks odd. A round table large enough for four (40 inch diameter) looks good in a corner. You only need two chairs for every day, but if you choose tables which can be extended you are all set for entertaining another couple or even two. Rattan chairs do not have to sit around the table, if you choose a dining set with swivel chairs you can use them at your desk, and everyone needs a chair in their bedroom. Choose a chair that reclines and you can use it in your sitting room for watching TV.

Before you buy, consider what you will use the table for. Will it be used only for meals? In many houses the dining set is the hub of household activity taking the place sometimes of a desk or craft surface. Comfortable rattan chairs are necessary whatever you choose to do with your table, but for crafting purposes square or oblong tables are often more useful than round. Choose a versatile dining set which can begin life doing everything and then retire gracefully to your game room or formal dining room. The right choice can save a great deal of money.

Some of the most versatile dining sets available today are made of wicker or rattan. They come in a large number of finishes from calm whites to the shades of coffee, red and brown and as a result you can find a finish for almost any look, from totally traditional to cozy and cottage like. Many are available online and since the materials are comparatively light, they don’t attract huge shipping fees. Versatility is not a luxury; it saves you money in the end.