Shower with Steam: Custom-Built vs. Built-In

A shower enclosure with steam comes with regular shower and steam features. This means that you can have a regular shower when you like and enjoy relaxing steam time whenever you want without going to the spa. If you want to have this in your bathroom, you have the option to get a built-in shower enclosure that has a steam feature or have one custom-built. There are pros and cons to these two options, so learn more about them before making the final decision.

Tightness of Seal

One of the most important things in a shower enclosure or cabin is the tightness of the seal. The edges must be sealed properly to prevent water leaks. This is even more vital if you have steam. It must be properly sealed to keep the steam inside the enclosure. Built-in shower cabins that come with this feature are ensured to be tightly sealed. If custom-made, you have to make sure that the installer is a pro to be certain that it’s perfectly sealed in all areas.

The Look

When it comes to the appearance, you have more options when it comes to custom-built steam showers since you can let your installer know the specific things you want. If you have certain features or designs that you want to add that you cannot find in custom-built shower enclosures, they can be included in the design. There are also now various options when it comes to the design of built-in steam showers, although you still have more freedom in designing the latter.  However, those that are already made can be used almost immediately as they only require minimal time for plumbing and electric installation.


Both built-in and custom-built shower enclosures with steam require some work on the plumbing. However, custom-built units require more work and may even include major plumbing changes. Built-in showers on the other hand were designed with the existing plumbing of bathrooms in mind, so minimal work is needed to get them functioning. This is also true with the electrical connections that need to be made for the steam feature to work.

Space and Size

With a custom-built shower enclosure, you can have the perfect size for the space of your bathroom. It is easier to make the most of your space as the design of the enclosure is customised. Built-in showers also come in varying shapes and sizes. You can find one that will work for your space, whether it’s big or small.


Both built-in and custom-built shower enclosures with steam come in varying prices. Set a budget to work on to ensure that you are spending within your limit as they can go as expensive as they can be, which can be a problem if you don’t set your budget right from the start.

Consider these factors when making a decision if it’s best for you to go for a built-in or custom-built shower enclosure with steam. The list will guide you in choosing the right option.