The perfect match for small kitchen is custom marble and granite countertop edges

When designing a kitchen, not many would give much attention to countertop edges as it is considered to be a non-necessary feature. Sometimes, it is left to the fabricator or the designer or many a times, whatever edges come with the design is accepted. This may be fine for large kitchens but for small kitchens, the right edge is important for several reasons. One of the most suitable edges for such kitchens can be the Granite countertops Atlanta GA.

Marble and granite countertop edges are best for small kitchens – Here’s a knowhow

In a small kitchen, the most valuable factor is space. You should think of ways to maximize space in the kitchen and one of the ways to do is to get the right countertop edge. If the edge is too decorative, then, it will generate a delusion of small space which will make the small kitchen appear smaller. This happens because with such an edge, the whole attention is on the countertop and makes it the focal point. In a small-sized kitchen, the focus should be on the overall look rather than a single element.

There are different edges, and thus you should choose the right one for your kitchen. For example, the double eased edge which is similar to a square edge but with a small rounding. This is a simple edge design and does not stand out and thus gives the illusion of a larger space. This edge is very advantageous to a small kitchen.

Another marble and granite countertop edges suitable for small kitchen is the single bevel square edge which is cut at 45 degree and comes with a small decorative style. Opt for Granite countertops Atlanta GA for the right edge. It makes a small kitchen look elegant and does not look overwhelming.  It also gives your kitchen a beautiful look and feel.

The full Bullnose marble and granite countertop edge that is semi-circular has dual benefits. One its style is such that it does not overwhelm the small kitchen and the other, it is rather safe as it does not have sharp angles.

The standard edge is also quite good for a small kitchen because it extends outward and offers more workspace. At the same time, just check with your designer or contractor an opinion. They may even have pictures or videos to show you to give you an idea as to how the edge will look in your kitchen.

Thus, always pay special attention when it comes to the right countertop edges. In a small kitchen, you cannot create additional space but you can create an illusion of a larger space. When you opt for custom made marble and granite countertop edges, you not only get the perfect space illusion, you also get durable and trendy edges that complement your kitchen. These materials are also durable and at the same time, they also look aesthetically pleasing. Opt for the best material when it comes to the perfect countertop edge for your kitchen.