Things to Keep In Mind While Choosing Backsplash Glass Tiles

In case you’re planning to give a new look to your kitchen, power room or bathroom, installing backsplash can be a great idea. However, before installing glass tile backsplash, it’s important to know about various kinds of tiles that are popular. Moreover, it’s important to know about the estimated cost of getting the installation. Following section will brief you more details about backsplash glass tiles.

Factors Determining Choice of Backsplash Glass Tiles

Material of Tiles

Backsplash glass tiles are available in various shapes, patterns, colors and reflectivity levels. There are various materials and processes used for making different kinds of glass tiles. Post-consumer or new glass content might be used in making the glass tiles. Among others, there are 2 methods for producing backsplash glass tiles viz. molded method and molten method.

In molten method, the glass is firstly heated till it gets molted. After that, the liquid glass is poured in a mold having dividers for creating individual tiles. After this, the tiles are kept for cooling in an oven so as to prevent bursting and cracking during the entire cooling process. Tiles made by this method have slightly different texture and color even though they’re created from the same glass which is used in other methods.

In contrast to this, under molded method, uniform glass pieces are firstly placed in ceramic molds and then are heated in kiln. After that, the glass is annealed for strengthening and hardening.

Types of Backsplash Glass Tiles

Generally, there are two kinds of backsplash glass tiles viz. unmounted and mounted. Following section will brief you some details of each type:


These tiles don’t have backing materials. However, the color and pattern of these tiles are more diverse than other backsplash glass tile.


These glass tiles have a mesh backing which helps during the installation process. Moreover, this mesh backing helps to create uniformity in tile’s surface. This mesh backing is put at end of annealing process such that the backing gets adhered to the backsplash glass.

Grades of the Tiles

Backsplash glass tiles are usually graded on basis of finish type applied to glass after completion of annealing process. Glossy glass tile reflects highest amount of light. It’s important to note that gloss finish is the most basic finish which is applied to the glass tiles. There are some glass tiles which are frosted. Frosting helps to reduce reflectivity of glass and provides a better look to backsplash. Apart from this, there is matte finish, which comes under the least glossy finish. Matte finish tiles are usually used as backsplash in the kitchen. Apart from these ones, iridescent is one of the newly introduced finish types. This tile helps in reflecting various colors of the light and is best to be used in rooms having lot of natural sunlight.

To conclude, choose the backsplash glass tile depending upon your requirement and budget. You will find many options if you just filter your requirement, while going through the websites of any shop.