Ways to Brighten up a Home

There is nothing worse than living in a dark home. In fact, living in a dark home is even bad for your health. There have been many studies done regarding happiness and the sunshine. It is known that bright sunshine makes people happier. If you are living in a dark home, https://www.janovic.com/ has some great ideas for you to consider using to update your home and bring in more light and happiness.

Paint Your Walls

Navy blue many be one of your very favorite colors, but if you paint your entire living room navy blue you are sure to be living in what feels like a cave. Dark paint colors need to be used sparingly inside of your home. Painting your living room white or a light, neutral color will bring much more happiness into your life. If you still want to have a some navy blue worked in throughout your house you can consider painting a small accent wall a different color. Painting a small wall blue will actually showcase the color more than if you choose to paint the whole room the dark color.

Declutter Your Rooms

You probably do not even realize how much you have going on inside of your home. Clutter can happen quickly and really hide from us. Decluttering your home can really encourage a happier home. Also, when your home is not cluttered you are more likely to open your windows and let the ‘world’ inside.

Often times, people have things sitting on their window seals because they do not know where else to put it. If you take one room each week and focus on getting rid of the things that you do not use or need you will have a much happier, brighter home.

Update Your Accents

You likely have many different decor accents integrated throughout your home. People do not realize, but decor can really set the tone of your home. If you have dark decor, your home will be dark. Instead of buying anymore dark colored items, you should start buying light decor. If you buy white vases instead of stained glass, your table is going to feel more bright. You can replace the pillow covers on your couch with a more happy, light colored fabric that will encourage light to come inside of your home.

Making your home a bright and happy place does not have to cost a lot of money. Paint is inexpensive and can make a big difference in your home. If your home is cluttered, take a few minutes everyday and declutter an area. You will be surprised how much it can lighten your mood to have a clutter free home.